Sensitivity to chemotherapy

ONCO Drug Test

Evaluating sensitivity to antitumor therapy: chemo medications, hormonal therapy and targeted drugs

"ONCO Drug Test" is necessary when the next stage of treatment is unclear
"ONCO Drug Test" is done for different cancer types
Patients after chemotherapy can do “ONCO Drug Test” to determine the next most effective course of treatment
Timely and individualized selection of antitumor drugs will save You money and reduce treatment costs!
Principles and benefits

ONCO Drug Test

  • Sensitivity analysis "BEFORE", "DURING" and "AFTER" therapy
  • Innovation and translational principles using European standards
  • The specificity and sensitivity of our techniques depend on the localization of the disease and range from 73 to 98% and 79 to 96% respectively
  • Minimally invasive method (does not require tumor tissue) - is used to monitor the process of tumor growth taking into account individual characteristics of the patient’s body at the systemic level

What does the “ONCO Drug Test” program do?

  • Individualized evaluation of sensitivity to chemotherapy
  • Molecular epigenetic assessment of health status and pathological processes

“ONCO Drug Test” program options at our clinic

ONCO Drug Test
“ONCO Drug Test” on blood
ONCO Drug Test
“ONCO Drug Test” on tumor cells
ONCO Drug Test
“ONCO Drug Test” on paraffin blocks

What we offer at our clinic

Predicting the course of oncological processes up to 10 working days 3950 UAH
Evaluating individual sensitivity to antitumor medications up to 10 working days 2250 – 12750 UAH
Price depends on the number of medication types
  • 1 panel – 2250 UAH
  • 2 panel – 3000 UAH
  • 3 panel – 3375 UAH
  • 4 panel – 3750 UAH
  • 5 panel – 4125 UAH
  • 6 panel – 4500 UAH
  • 7 panel – 5250 UAH
  • 8 panel – 5700 UAH
  • 9 panel – 6000 UAH
  • 10 panel – 6750 UAH
  • 11 panel – 7500 UAH
  • 12 panel – 8250 UAH
  • 13 panel – 9000 UAH
  • 14 panel – 9750 UAH
  • 15 panel – 10500 UAH
  • 16 panel – 11250 UAH
  • 17 panel – 12000 UAH
  • 18 - 22 panel – 12750 UAH
Sample preparation for evaluating direct sensitivity 1 - 2 working days 750 – 1200 UAH
Principles and benefits

Testing the efficacy of antitumor drugs in vitro

If you have doubts about the intensity, suitability and "efficacy" of antitumor medicines that you use or intend using, we will conduct the analysis of their biological activity using specially designed sensitive test systems in vitro
Patients who value their health and want to ensure the high quality of treatment medication
Companies that produce or supply anti-tumor drugs and want to be sure about their quality

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